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What Class are You?


The severity of male pattern baldness is commonly rated using the Hamilton-Norwood scale, which ranges from stage one through seven. Dr Rawnsley consults with each individual patient to determine what class they are currently in and how to turn back the clock to two to three classes behind their current state.

Class One:

Normal head of hair without any sign of baldness.

Class Two:

The hair is receding in a wedge-shaped pattern.

Class Three:

The hair has receded deeper into the frontal and temporal area.

Class Four:

Hair has receded more dramatically into the frontal and temporal area and there are the beginnings of a bald spot at the back of the head.

Class Five:

Hair density is even further reduced.

Class Six:

The strip of hair connecting the two sides of the head is no longer there.

Class Seven:

The hair has receded all the way back to the base of the head and the sides just above the ears.

Female Baldness

Thinning hair in women can often be treated with products such as Rogaine. For those who are candidates for hair restoration it is usually due to trauma or symptoms similar to male pattern baldness.



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