Jamie Foxx’s Extreme Hairline Difference

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant Scar

Jamie Foxx is one of the actors who used the early 1990s cult television show, In Living Color, as a springboard into Hollywood. Since that time, the actor has made a name for himself in movies like Any Given Sunday, Ray, Jarhead, and Dreamgirls. He definitely has shown his ability to transition from comedy role to drama easily, acting well in almost any type of movie or television show.

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Jeremy Piven: The Hair Transplant Scar Seems to Tell it All

Jeremy Piven Hair Transplant Before and After

Years ago, Jeremy Piven was considered a comedic supporting role actor in shows like Ellen and Seinfeld. He had a signature look that included an obvious balding head. Things have changed, however, and Piven skyrocketed to fame as Ari Gold in the television show Entourage. This role led to the actor winning a Golden Globe as well as more than one Emmy. Something else changed during that time besides Jeremy turning from comedy to more serious roles: his hairline.

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