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Top 3 Weirdest Baldness Cures from the Past

Did you know that humans have been attempting to cure baldness for over 6,000 years? One of the earliest baldness cures was a ground mixture of dates, donkey hooves, and dog paws! Used by ancient Egyptians, it was believed to help increase hair growth. Believe it or not, this isn’t even the weirdest baldness cure from the past. Here are our top three:

The Crosley Xervac

Though it sounds like it came straight out of a science fiction movie, the Crosley Xervac was a real invention that was introduced in the 1940s in the U.S. This machine was basically a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner attached to a cap that sealed around the head. The idea was that the vacuum suction would promote blood circulation in the scalp. People attached the cap to their bare noggins, and let the vacuum attempt to encourage hair growth. Clearly, this device did not become the cure that the makers hoped for.

Irish Remedy

The Irish remedy was a baldness cure from around the year 1000 A.D. Anyone suffering from baldness was told to put mice (whether they were live or dead is up for debate) into a clay jar, and then seal the jar and bury it underground next to a fire. A year later, the sufferer would dig up the jar and apply the contents to the scalp. The concoction was said to be so powerful that the user had to wear gloves – getting the stuff on your fingers was said to cause hair to grow from your fingertips! The effectiveness of this treatment was never recorded.

The Thermocap

Another science-fiction-worthy device, the Thermocap was introduced in the 1920s in the U.S. This cap was worn like a fez, and applied heat and blue light to the wearer’s scalp. It was believed that 15 minutes a day under this device would encourage dormant hair follicles to activate. In 1923, an advertisement suggested that the cure for baldness had at last been discovered with the Thermocap; sadly, that advertisement seems to have been wrong.

With so many strange historical remedies out there for hair loss, we can be thankful that today we have ones that actually work.

Mood Ring Hair is On the Horizon

If you were ever a kid, chances are you owned a “mood ring”. This intriguing piece of jewelry would come with a card that told you what “mood” you were in when the “stone” turned a certain color.

Spoiler alert!

The rings may not have really known your mood.

They were (and still are) made of liquid crystals that respond to even minute changes in temperature. As they respond, their internal structures actually twist into a different shape, and this alters their color by changing which wavelengths they reflect or absorb.

So, disappointing science lesson aside, mood rings were cool. Perhaps this is why a similar technology has been put to use in hair dye.

Before we look at that particular product, though, let’s take a moment to understand how we got here. After all, we’ve seen some amazing hair color trends emerging in the last few years. It could be said that the immense popularity of the “granny hair”, in which young women stripped and colored their hair a variety of grayish whites and blues, was the beginning.

Since then, we have seen trends like succulent hair (dyed to match the popular plants), Light Bright hair (dyed to emulate the bold hues of the popular children’s game of the 1960s and 70s…yes, there is a theme here!), and even Lisa Frank hair (packed with the dazzling hues of the 1980s icon noted for stickers, notebooks and other items). We’ve seen hair in dazzling solo colors that range from electric blue to deep green, purple and glowing pink.

Yet, the “mood ring” hair, formally known as “Fire” dye may be the most amazing of them all. Created by Lauren Bowker, the scientific artist who runs an art house named The Unseen, it is the end result of high fashion meeting weird science.

Meet Fire Dye

Making its debut at the spring 2017 London Fashion Week, the dye was actually inspired by a late 1990s movie, The Craft. In one scene, a character (who is a witch) is able to change the color of her hair. This led the designer to head straight to her lab and find a way to turn fantasy into reality.

She identified some pigments that would respond to changes in temperature. As she has explained, “When heat hits the pigment, or if the cool hits the pigment, it changes the bonds of the chemistry to give you a different color, so it’s like a chemical reaction.”

This semi-permanent dye will change into a variety of pastel hues – both vibrant and subtle. The base hue is a bright red, but this can shift into any number of hues based on the user’s choices. The product video shows a model whose hair turns from a golden and red array of hues to a deep green and black. Clearly it is incredibly dramatic and likely to launch endless trends when it hits the market.

Yes, and that’s where we hit a snag…as the title of this says, it is “on the horizon”. Though the Fire dye was a tremendous success when it appeared on the runways, it has yet to actually launch. The firm is currently “looking for commercial partners to help take the innovation to market.”

When they do they also intend to release another of their innovative dyes. This is one in which the dyes change structure to refract rather than reflect light. This would make holographic hair a possibility in the near future, too.

So, keep an eye out for the appearance of the Fire dyes and products from The Unseen. When they do arrive, it is likely that you and everyone you know will be eager to get “environment responsive” hair color!

The Hair Brush Taken to New Heights

Are you someone who includes brushing your hair in your daily beauty routine? If so, you may have never asked yourself why you do it, and whether there are measurable benefits from it. For most of the hair brushers of the world, it is just a part of their day to day routine.

However, you should take time to understand the amazing benefits to be gained from brushing your hair. And this is even more important as you learn about one of the more exciting products about to hit the market – the smart hair brush.

Before we get too far ahead of things, let’s just take a few minutes to look at the importance of brushing your hair, and why the brush you use matters. Then, we can look at this latest innovation in the world of smart gear.

Why Brush the Hair?

As you may already know, not everyone has hair that needs to be brushed each day – or at all. However, those who do may think that the brushing done once or more per day is to keep it under control and free of tangles.

Yet, that is not the only reason for it. There is also the removal of hair that has fallen out but become entangled with the hair still growing, and there is also the scalp massage that occurs. Brushing the hair each day can also reduce hair loss because (when you use the right brush) it is going to stimulate the scalp, and all that nutrient and oxygen delivery to the roots of the hair is going to keep it much healthier. This stimulation also involves sebaceous glands, which are at the foundation retaining your hair over the long term.

Consider what this expert says, “Proper hair brushing and scalp massaging are two of the most important elements in the maintenance and rejuvenation of healthy, naturally beautiful hair. The only other elements that are more beneficial to hair are a nourishing diet and avoiding toxic chemicals.”

That’s pretty surprising when you consider just how many of us spend small fortunes on all kinds of products meant to improve the texture, volume or shine of our hair. What’s even more disappointing, though, is this simple truth: “Most commercial hair brushes can actually be quite damaging to your hair. Brushing with synthetic bristles causes friction on hair, leading to cuticle damage and breakage, which makes hair lusterless and frizzy.”

This is all avoided if you invest in a quality brush. There are natural bristle brushes available, and some of these can pull unwanted oils and build up from the hair shafts; sort of like dry shampooing. Also, using the right brush means that you are conditioning the individual hair shafts by stimulating the scalp and then moving the oils over the length of the hair. This controls the moisture levels of the hair, making it look great but also keeping it much more manageable.

So, this must mean it is time to look at the latest innovations in hair brushes.

The Brush Matters

If you are someone who loves “wearable” tech or who uses all the latest apps, you will be interested in the K’erastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings. It was released at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, and it is described by some as the “mic-drop moment” of the entire event.

This brush assesses the condition of your hair, gives you advice about the kinds of hair care steps your hair might need, and even uses a microphone to detect things like split ends and frizzy hair. It gauges the conditions of hair as you brush and monitors the speed at which you brush the hair. All the data is fed into an app, and this works in real time to give you feedback in the handle of the brush. That’s right – the handle pulses if you are doing it right or buzzes if you are hurting your hair.

Now, make sure you brush daily with a natural bristle brush, but also consider investing in a super smart brush when it hits the markets.