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7 Celebs Sporting Hair Loss with Style

If any group of people tends to be concerned about hair loss, it’s sure to be celebrities. As people who live in front of cameras, they feel the need to look perfect at all times. But even with that pressure, many celebs have embraced losing their hair and choose to rock their new look with style. Here are seven great examples of gracefully embracing hair loss in front of the camera:

1. Jack Nicholson

Many men begin to see hair loss as early as their 20s, and Jack Nicholson is one famous example. Instead of attempting to hide this fact, though, he simply embraced his receding hair line, and the look became a signature for him. Even when he played younger characters, his hair line gave them flair.

2. Daniel Craig

Even the world’s most recent James Bond isn’t immune to hair loss. Known for his bright blue eyes more than his hair, Craig has embraced a very short and sleek hairstyle that keeps attention off his receding hairline. He adds just a bit of product to the front to give it volume and lets the shape of his head do the rest of the work for his cut.

3. Bruce Willis

This action star began balding relatively early in his career and adopted the tough-guy look of either a super-short buzz or going completely bald on purpose, for most of his movies. As the ultimate action hero, Willis can pull this look off with total authority.

4. Victoria Beckham

Believe it or not, the ultra posh Spice Girl suffers from the early stages of traction alopecia, a condition that impacts many female celebrities who have over-processed hair. To combat the hair loss, Beckham favors shorter, sleeker cuts that are healthier for her hair than the extensions she used to wear.

5. Mickey Rourke

Nothing says that you have to embrace hair loss. Mickey Rourke is the poster child for taking strides towards feeling confident. What people believe to be a wig, has become something of a spectacle, but as long as he feels good, he can sport it.

6. Jason Alexander

The Seinfeld star is another that decided to cover up his balding rather than accept it. Rather than wigs, though, Alexander appears to have gone with a semi-permanent toupee to fill in the gaps between the hair on the sides of his head.

7. Hugh Laurie

Huge Laurie’s popularity certainly hasn’t died with his recent hair loss, and rather than covering the balding spot on his crown, Laurie simply lets it be. He did trim the sides of his head a bit shorter than usual so that the contrast wouldn’t be so noticeable. That’s an excellent way to embrace balding and feel confident.

Nicolas Cage: Did the Face/Off Star Get a Hair Transplant?

Nicolas Cage is a very well-respected actor, playing in roles like Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, the National Treasure movies, and Snake Eyes. As a member of the Coppala family (he is Francis Ford Coppala’s nephew), it’s almost expected of Cage to be a fine actor throughout his life.

Like every other movie star or celebrity out there, Cage comes under a special kind of scrutiny. His whole life is considered to be fair game, and that includes speculation as to whether or not he has had any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures over the years. The actor is getting close to fifty, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he had some work done. There have been rumors that he may have had a facelift or some other procedure, but the most likely scenario pertains to his hair.

Comparing the Past to the Present

A good way to determine whether or not something has changed about Cage’s hair would be to step back and consider his different looks through the past. When he was in Raising Arizona, his hair was actually pretty thick. He did have a receding hairline even then, but this became much worse over the years. He also started losing his hair at the crown and the top had become much thinner. The actor had the classic tell-tale signs of male pattern baldness. Then, flash forward to the past year or so.

Now, while the actor still has a receding hairline; the hair on the top of his head and on the crown has certainly gotten noticeably thicker. It would seem that he may have had hair transplants sometime recently.

Did He Have a Transplant?

There are some actors that obviously had a hair transplant. The change is just too dramatic to deny, but this simply isn’t the case with Nicolas Cage. In this situation, his hair seems to be thicker, but the hairline hasn’t changed that much. Some would argue that there are subtle differences in his front hairline and that there seems to be more darkness close to the scalp, it’s very hard to see in pictures.

The top of his hair does look thicker, but then in some pictures, it seems to still be thinning. If he did have hair transplants, he did so in a very light-handed way. The result was slightly better, but did not completely rectify his thinning hair situation.

Like almost any actor in Hollywood, Nicholas Cage has denied having any work done. He hasn’t been very outspoken about the matter either, though. It will probably be up for debate for many years whether or not Cage did have hair transplants, or any other cosmetic procedure for that matter. In any case, he continues to be a well-respected actor, and if he did have transplants, then he definitely did something good for his career. Many actors fizzle out and disappear as they age, but Nicolas Cage has not done this. It seems that his career has only taken off even more in the past few years.

Jamie Foxx’s Extreme Hairline Difference

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant Scar

Jamie Foxx is one of the actors who used the early 1990s cult television show, In Living Color, as a springboard into Hollywood. Since that time, the actor has made a name for himself in movies like Any Given Sunday, Ray, Jarhead, and Dreamgirls. He definitely has shown his ability to transition from comedy role to drama easily, acting well in almost any type of movie or television show.

Over the past few years, fans have noticed that Foxx’s hairline has receded a great deal. He keeps his hair cropped very closely to his head, and that makes the hairline itself very prominent. Whether or not he had thinning hair on top is hard to tell, but it is very clear his forehead has gotten bigger in the last decade.

The Change

To really determine whether or not Jamie Foxx has had a hair transplant, the public would need his doctor’s records. Obviously, those aren’t going to be available and the actor himself has been mum on the subject. However, there has been a change to the way he looks and the signs seem to point toward a transplant.

The first of the changes would be the hairline. It used to be fairly receded all the way across, almost reaching the top of his head. However, in one dramatic swoop, the hairline was not just lowered, but became much more structured as well. Now, he appears to have a precision haircut and the hairline of someone half his age.

The second sign that something is up would be the tattoo he has on the back of his head. According to Foxx, he got the tribal style tattoo for his birthday, but it seems to follow a very odd line across his head. Interestingly, it’s the same line used if he got a strip hair transplant. This type of transplant removes a strip of hair along the back of the head and usually leaves a scar. Since Foxx keeps his hair cut short, the scar would be evident. It seems like the tattoo covers up the exact line of where this scar appeared.

Is It True?

As in most cases of celebrities and cosmetic procedures, Jamie Foxx has not chosen to admit he had a hair transplant. Therefore, no one but the actor himself and his doctor could say for certain whether or not this is what happened. Some could argue that a different tilt of the head, different lighting, and a different haircut could be responsible for what looks like a new hairline. Others would argue the change just wouldn’t be so dramatic.

Actors continue to deny having cosmetic procedures. Perhaps it is because they stay under scrutiny from media, the public, and paparazzi. They feel the need to remain perfect. However, it is easier for the rest of the world to come to terms with their own receding hairline when they know that famous people deal with the same problem. It certainly appears that Jamie Foxx had a hair transplant, and having a procedure done hasn’t damaged his career at all.

Johnny Depp and Hair Transplants: Don’t Talk about It and It Didn’t Happen

When many celebrities undergo a hair transplant procedure, the results are so obvious that even their denying it seems just silly. If a star goes from almost completely bald to a crowning head of hair, no one could deny the change. However, when a fairly reclusive celebrity like Johnny Depp does anything of any sort, it’s hard for the rest of the world to even have a clue what has changed.

Depp has grown to fame from humble roots on a television show called 21 Jump Street and in a movie called What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Since that time, he has become one of the most well-respected stars in Hollywood. His roles vary so much that the audience becomes enraptured with characters, not the actor. Known for films like the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, Finding Neverland, and Blow, Depp has endeared himself in one way or another in almost every household throughout the country.

Has He Had Hair Transplants?

In recent months, die-hard fans of Johnny Depp seem to think that he has had hair transplants. Several different fans point to a slightly altered hair line. However, this is very hard to ascertain for many different reasons. For one thing, Depp just doesn’t talk about it. Many stars go out of their way to deny having anything done, making it more obvious that they probably did. This isn’t the case with Johnny. He just doesn’t talk about it one way or another.

That’s not the only thing standing in the way of determining whether or not he had any hair transplant procedure. For one thing, the actor has a penchant for hats or other head coverings. Very rarely is he spotted without something on his head. Of course, no one can see his hairline in those cases. Additionally, the results are so subtle that if he did have hair transplants, they were done very well. Depp didn’t have a particularly obvious receding hairline. It doesn’t look like he had a case of male pattern baldness. If anything, he simply had thinning hair because of age. That means any transplants he had done just built up the raven locks he already has on the top of his head.

The Recluse

Johnny Depp is known for being extremely reclusive. He doesn’t really talk about much of anything, especially anything in his private life. Not only does this create an air of mystery surrounding the well-known actor but also it makes many fans wonder when anything like hair transplants come up. It’s really hard to ascertain whether or not Depp did anything to shore up his hairline, he did so in such a secretive manner that we may never know.

Hair transplants are often very useful in building up self-confidence and even boosting actor’s careers. Male pattern baldness and receding hairlines are extremely common for any man, including those who act in Hollywood. It’s no wonder, then, that so many stars choose to have transplants at one point or another, whether they talk about it or not.

Jeremy Piven: The Hair Transplant Scar Seems to Tell it All

Jeremy Piven Hair Transplant Before and After

Years ago, Jeremy Piven was considered a comedic supporting role actor in shows like Ellen and Seinfeld. He had a signature look that included an obvious balding head. Things have changed, however, and Piven skyrocketed to fame as Ari Gold in the television show Entourage. This role led to the actor winning a Golden Globe as well as more than one Emmy. Something else changed during that time besides Jeremy turning from comedy to more serious roles: his hairline.

When you compare before and after pictures of the actor, it would be very, very hard to deny that he is doing something to cover up that obvious bald spot. He had lost a lot of hair, and that can’t be faked with good photography or a trick of the light. Some people claim perhaps he wears a hair piece. Others think he has had hair transplants. What is the verdict? Piven is mum on the subject, but there are some clues that will indicate just what he had done.

The Telltale Scar

The paparazzo follow actors around everywhere they go. That means there are photographers who get to spend their days on Hawaii, in Fiji, and at other remote and beautiful locales. Not too long ago, Piven went on vacation in Hawaii, and of course, pictures were taken. In one of those photos, it would seem that the star has a very obvious scar across the back of his head that is most evident when his hair is wet.

That scar, according to many, is the sign of a strip style hair transplant. This is a procedure when a strip of hair is removed from the back and then used to do a strand by strand transplant to the top of the head or the thinning area. The scar is usually very obvious right after the procedure and then in cases when the hair is wet. No one knows for certain if this is what Jeremy Piven had done, but it seems to be the most likely case.

Did He Have Hair Transplants?

Probably for as long as Jeremy Piven denies having anything done, the debate will continue. It is extremely obvious that he did get more hair on the top of his head. After all, he now has hair where there was none just a few years ago. However, he may have gotten the new look through an artificial piece. Some people feel it looks just too natural though, and that would point to very well-done hair transplants.

Jeremy Piven is just another star not willing to admit whether or not he had some type of cosmetic procedure. He, like others, had something done that is fairly obvious but he just won’t admit what. Hair transplants can be very useful, though, in reversing the signs of male pattern baldness and there can be many benefits. In fact, in Jeremy Piven’s case, if this is what he had done, it seems to have boosted his career. He went from fairly unknown to a Golden Globe winning actor.