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Dr. Rawnsley's FUE Approach

"Best of the Best at UCLA"

Co-Director of the Fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at UCLA, Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley is a leader in microsurgical hair transplants in Los Angeles to restore hair loss. His training in aesthetic surgery and microsurgery guides his creation of a naturally-appearing hairline with flawless, undetectable results.

Dr. Rawnsley and his highly trained, personal staff deliver the best results. And they last a lifetime.

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FUE Hair Transplantation Patient

Best FUE Hair Transplant Benefits

    No linear scar -- wear your hair short without being self-conscious.
    Less recovery time and fewer restrictions on activities after hair transplant surgery.
    No sutures required. Performed under local anesthetic. Drive home after.
    Your own real, natural hair.
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